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Laser cutting of wood

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is the processing of material using a laser beam. Hence the characteristic brown end of the product. 

What thickness can the laser cut through?

It depends on the configuration of the machine and the characteristics of the material itself, such as structure and density. That is, the machine will be able to cut through soft wood species, with the same settings, of a greater thickness. For thicker materials, we use a router.

Advantages of laser cutting:


  • Undoubtedly, this is maximum accuracy. Laser cutting allows you to cut the most complex patterns with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. 

  • Cost. In comparison with milling cutting, laser cutting is 20-30 percent cheaper.

  • Speed. Even under the current conditions - we fulfill orders even every day.. 

Nuances of laser cutting:

  • For many customers, the characteristic brown edge of the product is  a surprise. And the greater the thickness of the material, the darker the edge will be.

  • When cutting material with a thickness of more than 10 mm, "consistency" appears, therefore, for cutting materials with a thickness of more than 10 mm, we recommend using - milling cutting.

For which plywood products can laser cutting be used?


  • Boxes, organizers

  • Signs, plates, inscriptions

  • Toys, constructors, puzzles

  • Commercial equipment (promo racks, stands) 

  • Decor, souvenir products

  • Decorative grilles, screens

  • Clocks, calendars

  • Maps

  • ...

  • plywood
  • Fiberboard, MDF, HDF
  • Veneer
  • Array (up to 10 mm)

The cost of laser cutting plywood

1 мм
3 мм
4 мм
6 мм
8 мм

The cost is up to 100 mp

The cost is up to 500 mp

The cost is up to 1000 mp

Material thickness

Our works are made of plywood, MDF, HDF, fiberboard, veneer

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